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4 Ways to Optimize Your Metabolism To Its Prime

optimize metabolismMetabolism is the sum total of the chemical reactions in our cells that convert the fuel from food we eat into the energy required by the body to perform anything, be it walking or thinking or talking.

Seen in this context, the better our metabolism works, the faster it can burn calories and convert them into energy. The key, therefore, is to increase your metabolic rate. How do you do this? Here are some tips based on the Metabolic Prime program.

1. Diet With Friends

You may have experienced going on a new diet together with a friend. Some weeks later, you are disappointed to learn that your friend has lost a lot more weight than you did. All other things being equal, one likely reason for the disparity is metabolism. The metabolic rate varies from one individual to another.

diet with friends

2. Minimize stress

since you can’t get rid of it entirely, learn to control it with some relaxation techniques. Stress not only thwarts your efforts to lose weight; it can inflict damage on the physical, mental and emotional aspects of your health. Your body releases certain hormones when you are experiencing stress. This causes your body to retain the fact cells, thus keeping you from shedding your excess weight.

3. Eat More Often and Smaller Portions

Eat smaller portions but at more frequent intervals. This helps you lose weight faster because when you eat only a small amount of food, your body will be working more efficiently and burning the calories better. Think of your body as a food processor. If you want to chop up something really fine, you don’t put all of it in the processor at one time. The same principle works here.

4. Exercise Everyday

Exercise Everyday

Incorporate exercise into your daily routine. It could be just walking around the block, or a bit more intense, like jogging or cycling. If you’re on an exercise regimen, you can raise the level of intensity or add more exercise. Vary your exercise routine to keep from getting bored. You can also try resistance training. This type of exercise will help you burn more calories as you build up your muscles. To learn more about this look at metabolic prime.

These are proven ways of helping your body burn calories faster. It’s important to monitor your calorie intake. If you want to keep eating the usual amount of food, then you have to exercise more. Of course, you will lose more weight if you eat less than what you’re used to and still do your exercise routine.

Basic Principles Of Organic Total Body Reset Diet

Chances are that you have built a love-hate relationship with food. It is an important prerequisite of this diet that you learn to hold back food. You will eat regularly enough and eat all the food groups.

Food is life, created to enjoy! Eating and stress should completely disconnect from each other. The diet helps you as a helping hand and if you are consciously using it, it will certainly succeed, I have noticed myself. One day a tasty, healthy meal can make you happy again. You’ll be able to enjoy all the good things on your plate together with friends or family.

Organic 7-Day Total Body Reset is based on balance, healthy eating and purity. You eat those things that nature gave to us so day good bye to chemical junk (preservatives and the like) or raised foods (eg refined sugar).

In this way, you biochemically and hormonally become calm and balanced. This not only affects your body weight but also on your overall health.

This diet really works, I have firsthand experience with it. But a final important principle is that you strictly apply the rules of the Organic Total Body Reset creators Dr. Mike Brookins. He mentions a series of do’s and don’ts that you should apply without exception over the course of 7 days, so no yes-but’s. The full list can be found in the program, a few here: no sugar, wheat, corn, dairy or caffeine.

Finally, there is, as in any balanced diet attention to movement. For active people: you’ll be doing a little less exercise during the program. Your body needs to relax and recover. Excessive exercise does more harm than good. And the more easy going type is better.

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Eliminate Sugary Foods From Your Diet To Get Lean

foods sugary

When you start your diet to get lean, the first important thing to do is to eliminate sugars foods from your diet. These are foods that most of all stimulate insulin secretion (the main hormone responsible for storing fat in the body). When insulin level is lowered, it is easier to get fat out from the deposits to be burned in place of carbohydrates .

Another benefit of the decrease in insulin levels is that your kidneys excrete excess sodium and water, and this reduces swelling and weight due to excess water. It is not unusual to lose up to 5 pounds of fat and water sometimes even more, already after eating this way for one week only.

There was a comparative study between a diet low in carbohydrates and one low in fat used by overweight or obese women. The group with low-carb dieters eat to bursting amounts, while the group with a low-fat diet eat very few calories and is always hungry. This shows that eliminating carbohydrates lowers insulin levels, and thus you automatically begin to eat less calories and without being hungry.

So eliminate sugar and carbohydrates from your diet lowers your insulin levels, dampens your appetite and makes you lose more weight without making you feel hungry.